Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Cal Poly and the Wine and Viticulture Department?
For ALL admissions questions, please visit: http://admissions.calpoly.edu/

How will I know I'm registered in a class?

You will see the courses that you have registered in on your portal.

Do I need a permission number to enroll in a class?

You do not need a permission number to enroll in courses through Open University, but you do need the instructor's and department chair/head's approval and signatures.

How can I find out if my courses will meet my degree requirements?

You should contact your academic advisor at the institution offering your degree to determine if your courses will meet degree requirements.

What if I can't find an open class?

If you are having difficulty finding a class, you are encouraged to view the schedule of classes and/or contact academic departments for enrollment availability.

What if I need to withdraw from a course?

To withdraw from a course you must complete a Petition to Withdraw from a Course form. You may download the Petition to Withdraw (PDF) form here or pick it up at the Cal Poly Extended Education office. The instructor's and department chair/head's signatures are required. Please refer to calendar for deadlines.

What is my Empl ID and how do I get it?

Your Empl ID is your student ID number that will be issued to you automatically after you register. You may get your Empl ID from "My Cal Poly Portal".

Where can I purchase Cal Poly Wine and Merchandise?

Click Here

What is Spit and Sip?

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