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Vines to Wines - 2017-2018 Officer Team


Niclas Dermutz


Vice President

Gabe Ceja



USMC Veteran and Certified Sommelier, Gabe is currently pursuing his dream of becoming a winemaker and college graduate.


Claire Villasenor



I am a 4th year Wine and Viticulture student with a concentration in viticulture, a minor in Statistics, and a minor in Crop Science. I plan on going into agricultural research with a focus on grapevines. I chose Wine and Viticulture because through research, I want to have a positive influence on the future of grapegrowing and the wine that comes out of it. I am honored to serve on the officer team for the Vines to Wines Club this year and help fellow students learn about the wonders of the wine industry and all that it emcompasses!


William Mathiason



Interested in winemaking an exicted to pursue a career making fermented grape juice.


Volunteer Coordinator

Kirby Ruback


Wine business concentration, member of Cal Poly's women's Track and Field team.

Ag Council Rep

Hannah Weinberg



I am a 4th year Wine and Viticulture student with a concentration in enology. I chose to study winemaking because it’s the perfect blend of science, art, passion, and connection. Vines to Wines has offered me so many great opportunities and opened my eyes to the magic of the wine industry!

Ag Council Rep

Alissa Hernandez



Currently a 4th year WVIT student with a concentration in Wine business. I was very fascinated with the idea of becoming apart of the wine industry and getting the hands on experience that Cal Poly offers. Vines to Wines has provided me with so many great opppurtunities and has continued to allow me to connect with so many amazing people within the industry on a greater level. One day hope to do pursue a career in either sales or marketing for the wine industry.

Barbecue Chair

Lauren Fessenden



 4th year WVIT student concentrating in Viticulture. I have found a home in this major and this club, they are both creative and forward thinking. My plans after graduation are up in the air at this point but I hope to start out in the vineyard. This industry has taught me that passion pays and I’m excited to get out there and be a part of something so special.

Barbecue Chair

Brandon Hancock



4th year WVIT-Enology student with a growing passion for new wine techniques. I joined the program because I did not want to sit behind a desk and push papers for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to graduating and hemisphere hop for a couple years before finding a cool innovative style of winemaking. Vines to Wines has given me then chance to meet and talk with people who share the same passion both in the major and industry. Eventually I hope to have my own label but who knows what surprising things this industry has in store for me

Barbecue Chair

Josh Gonzales



Wine and Viticulture major concentrating in Viticulture because I like grapes.

Social Chair

Juliana Ferrentino



I am a 3rd year Wine and Viticulture student with a concentration in wine business. I am not sure what my plan is after graduation but I enjoy brand and marketing. Right now, I think I would like to get into sales. Choosing Wine and Viticulture as my major was one of the best decisions I could've made. I enjoy math and science as well as art and I feel that the wine industry embodies that with so much more. I can't wait to see where this industry takes my career!

Social Chair

Skye Bruce



 3rd year WVIT student with an enology concentration. I have been involved in agriculture my entire life and choosing to major in Wine and Vit seemed like a fascinating and ever-changing part of agriculture that I wanted to be a part of. Vines to Wines is a great way to meet new people and find more connections in the industry!

Wine Showcase Chair

Scot Schleisman



Previous Culinary Arts student before changing to Winemaking. It's been a dream to get into the wine industry and am excited to push my boundries in taking on the task of the winemaker dinner organiser!

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Benoit Lecat


Staff Advisor

Carrie South


For more information on Vines to Wines, contact: cpvinestowines@gmail.com